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Encore XT Gun

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Product Features

Ergonomically engineered to fit like a glove, the Encore spray gun is the lightest and best-balanced gun on the market, making the painter’s job easier for more consistent and repeatable coating performance. The all-new gun design also improves reach into part cavities, and improves maneuverability around and between densely racked parts.

The Encore gun also incorporates a PowerPurge feature, another Nordson exclusive, which cleans the powder path from the base of the handle through the entire gun, preventing powder build-up for optimum spray performance. What’s more, quick-disconnects on the delivery hose and nozzle retainer enable fast, easy replacement for routine cleaning and color change.

Coating Control and Flexibility

The Encore XT manual powder coating system provides unsurpassed operator control, coating efficiency and ease of use for level of coating performance on-demand. Ergonomically engineered to fit like a glove and featuring  on-gun controls, the Encore XT gun is the lightest and best-balanced gun on the market, making painting easier than ever.

Make Adjustments on the Fly

Right at your fingertips and without taking your eyes off the part, the Encore manual spray gun gives you the control you need for the quality you demand.

On-Gun controls with large, bright LED display and helpful lighted icons – combined with a Nordson exclusive auxiliary trigger – let you know exactly what gun settings have been selected at all times. Use it to spray any organic coating material, including textures and even the most challenging metallics.

Encore’s digital, closed-loop powder flow control is automatic and provides greater repeatability for consistent and highly efficient coverage, part after part. Coating parameters for voltage and current limit can be preset either individually or predetermined using Nordson’s patented Select Charge® technology settings… for recoating, metallics or cavities. Electrostatic and pneumatic settings can be combined in up to 20 presets to help optimize your coating operation for any part configuration and consistent, repeatable coating coverage.


  • Mode Selection button selects between powder flow control and preset control for up to 20 presets.
  • Gun Purge button with PowerPurge completely cleans the powder path from the base of the handle through the entire gun for optimum performance with even the most difficult-to-spray powders including metallics.
  • Easy-to-read brilliant blue LED display indicates values in each mode – letting you know exactly where you are at all times.
  • Auxiliary Trigger works in conjunction with either mode. Or can be configured as the Gun Purge trigger for coating operations not requiring changes to powder flow or preset at the gun.

Performance On Demand - The Encore XT Manual Gun Features:

  • Auxiliary trigger for one-hand powder flow adjustment or preset selection
  • 100,000 volts of power
  • PowerPurge on-gun powder path cleaning
  • All-digital operator interfaceLarge, brilliant-blue LED displays and helpful lighted icons
  • 20 programmable presets for electrostatic and pneumatic parameters
  • True, closed-loop powder flow control
  • Low-velocity, high-efficiency pump
Technical Specifications
Extension Tip Kits No
Brand Nordson
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