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Encore HD Gun

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Product Features

Encore® HD manual spray systems make manual coating easy. Perfectly balanced at 530 g they are also light and comfortable for an operator’s hand.

The patented On-Gun control and display, allows the operator to quickly adjust the powder output or change the coating program without being distracted from the coating task.

Advanced electrostatics with the precise control gun current at levels below 5 μA deliver superior application performance even with challenging metallic powders. Color changeable in less than a minute without disassembly, the system also features a convenient purge function which can be used any time during operation to ensure the highest finish quality.

 The Encore HD Manual Powder Spray System is our fourth generation high density, low velocity (HDLV) spray technology. Designed for superior process control, you can achieve a highly dense phase spray, a more diluted mixture…or anything in between. HDLV technology delivers a high concentration of powder, but using very little air. As a result, you get greater transfer efficiency, less overspray and superior cured finish quality for every conceivable part type. The latest system is configured in many ways to meet everyday application demands

Nordson dense-phase pumps deliver signifi cant savings due to the high powder output stability and application efficiency.

Unmatched efficiency and productivity - Encore HD Manual Spray Gun Features:

  • Lightweight, well-balanced spray gun to make the painter’s job easier.
  • Powder deposition at speeds nearly double that of venturi systems
  • Superior edge and corner coverage with one pass
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • On-gun controls for fast, easy adjustments
  • Uniform spray patterns with all powders, even the most challenging materials
  • Highly durable lance extensions for fast colorchange environments
  • 100kV multiplier delivering maximum first pass transfer efficiency
Technical Specifications
Extension Tip Kits No
Brand Nordson
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